28 February, 2012

Poetically Meteorological

Day 14 of my poetry challenge asked me to write a poem that included a change in the weather. As always, I exercised some license with the topic. Around here if you don't like the weather, we suggest waiting a few minutes. It'll change - especially this year.

When freezing cold descends on us,
we say we should prepare
with cashmere scarves and toasty gloves
before we go out there.

And if the winds blow in our face,
we quickly to turn around,
or if it snows, we always think
thank God, we’re not snowbound.

We complain if it should rain
until it goes away,
but if the sun shines warm and bright,
we pray that it will stay.

Each of us complains a lot,
but rarely do we do
about the weather anything
at all so it improves.