26 March, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #12

This was where we left off; I was swinging.
I haven't done much this lately
due to all the stormy weather.

I thought you'd like to see me at daycare. It's really nice.

It might look like I'm being punished,
but it's just another fun area at daycare.

One of my Christmass presents was Elmo.
He likes to laugh and is very ticklish.

I know I look like I'm sleeping, and I am, sort of.
Actually I just had some minor surgery for a hernia.
No problem; I didn't even spend the night.

On of my favorite things to do at home
is remove books from the bookcase.
Then I can crawl though it like it's a tunnel.

Hey - video! I love drawers.
Grandpa even set up six for me to play with in his coffee table.

Then mommy bought me these new shoes.
If the truth be told, I'd rather be barefoot.

Anyway - here's the big news. I'm walking now.
Mommy says I'm a toddler.
Don't let the video make you dizzy.

See you next month.