07 March, 2013

{this memory} 75

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

That's a lot of snow. The image isn't from this year with a less than normal snowfall (65 inches). We average almost 80 inches. Nor is it from last winter which was very dry (about 40 inches). It's from the winter of 2010-2011 when we had over 120 inches of snow. That fence is four feet tall. It's worse, by the way, north of here or west of here where Lake Ontario drops more of the famous "lake effect" snow.

I grew up in Virginia Beach and was out of school once for a week because of an inch of snow. No plows - you just waited for it to melt. Then, I lived in Maine for four years before coming here.
What is odd is that where I lived averaged only about 65 inches (that's less than here), but it never melted. Once it started falling in November, the ground remained covered until Easter. Brrr.

In this image I see all sorts of winters past - surrounded with the warmth of family and friends.

I am filled with wonderful memories and am a most fortunate man.