03 February, 2012

Poetically Wooden

The poetry challenge has been running for a while now. Today's offering is the result of Day 7: Write a poem about your relationship with an inanimate object. We could debate that term 'inanimate,' but there is no choice for me here. This is about Tree.

And, I am doubly blessed because good friends have been photographing Tree for me while I've been in the hospital. Yay.

Enjoy my Friday offering.


      My life is full,
      though not complete,
      but quite full nonetheless.
      I have some friends,
      my family’s love.  
      I know that I’ve been blessed.

      There are more things
      I wish I had.
      Among them I confess
      there is one thing
      I’d love to own,
      but know I can’t possess.

      There lives a TREE
      close by my door
      about which I obsess.
      It’s clear TREE can’t
      be mine because
      my friends love TREE no less.

      So I’m content
      to share this TREE
      with those who are impressed,
      as long as they
      accept the truth -
      accept TREE loves me best.