16 February, 2012

{this memory} 38

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

You're in Denmark - as was I when I shot this image. My older daughter and I were on a tour of European cities. This particular stop was for a couple of days in København as we made our way northward from Florence, Passau, and Leipzig.

She had spent a couple of months there in the year between being graduated from university and later starting medical school, and she was eager to show me what she knew of Copenhagen. Although we did not have a lot of time, we did manage a boat tour of the canals, some museums, and a delightful visit to the Tivoli Gardens.

There was also some shopping (window shopping anyway), and as we walked, we came to the pictured spider sculpture in Nortov Square. Called Maman, the sculpture is by Louise Bourgeois, a French-American artist. At around 10 meters in height and made of metal, the sculpture is very imposing. This was a temporary placement of the sculpture, and today there are at least eight bronze casts of it around the world.

My daughter and I survived the spider and continued on our journey. Oslo was next - then Stockholm, Helsinki, and finally Saint Petersburg. So many wonderful memories. I am truly a fortunate man.