22 February, 2012

18 Days Later ...

Although I've accepted that I'm still uncertain about the existence of angels, I am pretty sure they believe in me - evidently - when I consider that a few days ago was another big anniversary for me. It was the third anniversary of the day on which the Keepers brought me back to consciousness after nearly three weeks on life support.

It is funny how thoughts bump into each other and then combine into new insights. In reaction to a post about the anniversary of being placed on that artificial life support (see: Amen and Resurrection and Talisman, Talisman), a Reader's comment last year raised the issue of whether writing about the "really big" events in my life had helped me become a different person and then, perhaps by extension, a better person.

That has led me to think a lot about my own reality and to note that I do, in fact, believe I was a better person after that illness a three years ago than I was before and also that I am today a better person than I was just a year ago. So yes, I do think positive change can be the fruit born of such expression - unless, of course, it was those angels again. Hmmm, maybe it's a bit of both.

This anniversary has, of course, been much on my mind, and I have on occasion referred to this commemoration as a remembrance of the day the Sleeper awakened – paraphrasing the lines from Frank Herbert’s Dune novels.

Yes, the Sleeper has awakened – not in just the medical sense though, but in many other ways as well. I am convinced that a portion of what was good in me had fallen fallow - something that those who are closest to me seemed to know intuitively. Such is wisdom. By their caring hands what was uncultivated sprouted anew, and I have come to view writing about these things as one way to plant new seeds.

It is true that this season and those yet to come have a long way to go, and there may still be frost or other unexpected challenges. Those who care for and about me, however, are excellent gardeners, and I am eager to see what together we will harvest.