02 February, 2012

{this memory} 36

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment} on January 23.

You're looking at my living room in Oneida, probably in the spring of 1978, where students (mostly psychology but not all) were frequently. It's been another party Saturday at Professor Brown's home with food and drink. Students often made the 25 mile run to my farmhouse where we had a great time usually followed by Saturday Night Live. Many would stay over and drive back to Utica on Sunday.

Also in this shot is my future wife (on the couch) and two students - Kathy Hamlin who passed away recently in North Carolina and Jim Ross who I still hear from with delightful frequency.

I have obviously been prevailed upon to share a tune (unknown), and as long as it wasn't I Gave My Love A Cherry from Animal House, we're probably okay. I occasionally pulled out a guitar - yet they still came back. Nice hair, Thom. Even Jesus would be jealous.

Oh my, I was so busy in those days, but what vivid memories I have. I am truly a fortunate man.