20 October, 2013

Taking It With You

A wealthy preacher who had been faithful to God his whole life was visited by an angel one night. The angel said, "God sent me to let you know that you're going to die in two days, but don't worry. You are certainly welcome in heaven."

The preacher said, "That's great, but listen. I know God has this rule that we can't take anything with us, but do you think he could bend it for me? I'd really like to bring something with me."

The angel said, "Well, I'll ask, but I can't promise anything." The next night, the angel returned and said, "God told me to tell you that he'll allow you to bring a single suitcase filled with whatever you want to bring along."

The preacher was excited but couldn't decide what to bring. He thought of bringing along all of his money, but he wasn't sure what kind of currency they took in heaven. He decided instead to trade all of his money for gold - since gold was good anywhere. So he bought a whole bunch of bars of gold with all of his money and stuck it in the suitcase. The next day he died and found himself before the Pearly Gates with the suitcase by his side. Saint Peter stopped him and said, "Sorry, but you can't bring anything in here." The preacher said, "An angel told me that God said it was okay."

Peter said, "Well, if it's okay with God, then go ahead through, but out of curiosity, what do you have in there?" The preacher laid down the suitcase and opened it up - showing Saint Peter all of the bars of gold.

Peter gave s the preacher a funny look and said, "That's what you brought? Pavement?"
Author Unknown