22 October, 2013

Best Meals II

"Someone asked me for my top five best meals. Okay, but meals away from home. By 'away from home' I'm excluding anything with family because those are always the best. So here they are in no particular order."

After I posted that in Best Meals, someone else asked my why five. To be honest, I almost did just four and omitted the Regency Room, but five seemed more traditional. Giving it further thought, I have another six - any one of which could have easily replaced the Regency Room. So let's do that, and we have - ta-da - a top ten list. Enjoy.

These are just places I've been to that were exceptionally special in terms of atmosphere, flavors, and service. Again, in no particular order.

Frasca. Boulder, Colorado. They describe themselves as a neighborhood restaurant inspired by the cuisine and culture of Fruili, Italy. Oh my, was this place simply sublime.

Fruition. Denver, Colorado. Small, intimate neighborhood restaurant located in Denver's historic district. Sophisticated comfort food paired with an eclectic wine list and impeccable service. Yes indeed.

The Horned Dorset Inn. Leonardsville, New York. The quintessential destination for memorable fine dining and lodging in Central New York State. Classical French cuisine that would make Julia Child proud and sensitive service are the hallmarks of this countryside hostelry. We've done a lot of anniversaries here. Always perfect.

Palladio. Barboursville, Virginia - at the vineyard. They write "Northern Italian in inspiration, yet creatively indebted to the most seasonal and local resources of the earth and sea, Palladio offers ... the promise only the finest food and wine can extend -- calling one, recurringly, to the beauty of this world." Not a bit of misrepresentation there. What an adventure.

Wildflowers. Verona, New York - at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Small - seats just 65. Traditional continental cuisine prepared to your exact preference. Our local favorite.

The Oakroom. Louisville, Kentucky - in the Seelbach Hilton Hotel. Lots of oak and lots of fabric. Originally opened in 1907, The Oakroom sets the standard for fine dining in Kentucky and is Kentucky’s only AAA Five Diamond Restaurant. Every aspect of our meal was wonderful.