30 October, 2013

Ju-ju Amiss

Thursday - a day just like any other, only different - at least until I got out of bed. Things went downhill fast.

First, I had misread the clock. 5:40, not 6:40. Too late. I'm up too early and can't go back to sleep. It's now days later, and I still want that hour back. I don't sleep well to begin with, and to lose an hour is a travesty.

Well, okay ... now I'm up and dressed, so I proceed downstairs where I prepare to make a cup of cappuccino. As I pick up a small glass canister with a fine powder in it, it slips. One bounce on the granite counter is all it needs to shatter - spreading glass and powder over what seems like everywhere. Sigh.

I clean up the mess as best I can - which is to say not up to my wife's standards, but then again, some of it has invaded her briefcase. Oh, dear.

Then with new determination to turn the day around, I manage to produce that cup of cappuccino which I now take into the media room where I can sip and check my email while the morning news plays in the background. Finally! Nope, not finally. With about a quarter cup left, I manage to dump it on my pants leg. Will it ever end?

Finally I make it into my office. I putter a bit and then head off to my first lecture. Normally I take a bottle of tap water with me to class, but the day had been so miserable so far that I decide to treat myself to a bottle of iced tea from the nearby vending machine. Did you guess? I put in my $1.50, which it greedily took, and nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zippo. No bottle birthing from the machine. Arrrgghhh!!!

There's a Mary Chapin Carpenter song that begins:

          Well, I woke up this morning stumbled out of my rack
          I opened up the paper to the page in the back
          It only took a minute for my finger to find
          My daily dose of destiny, under my sign
          My eyes just about popped out of my head
          It said "the stars are stacked against you girl, get back in bed"

I'd say "been there, done that" except I don't remember getting any warning that I should get back in bed. I think I'll look more closely in the future.

Have a nice day.