11 October, 2013

Poetically Syllabic

The poetry challenge was to write a poem that included three words with four syllables or more. Now there's a challenge into which I can sink my Funk & Wagonalls. So I did - well, not exactly a Funk & Wagonalls. I don't own of those, but you get the idea.

To be honest, I did coin a word or two for this effort, but only because you're worth it. Although they're not in Funk & Wagonalls, they ought to be. Still, you'll have to guess their meaning. Enjoy.


multisyllabic words 
spew brontidean morphemes, 
like volcanos erupting,
belching pyroclastic flow, and
carom about the convolutions of 
ultracrepidarian minds 
until even the semi-literate
become skilled philosophunculists.