29 May, 2012

Poetically Ironic

In January I participated in a "30 poems in 30 days" challenge. On Day 8, the challenge was to write a poem about an ironic situation or moment. I took the classic story by O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi, often used to illustrate situational irony and massaged it into poetry.

          Jim and Della loved each other
               much more than words convey.
          So each resolved to give the other
               a gift that very day.

          When Jim came home, he found that she
               had cut her long blonde hair
          And sold the hair to buy a gift,
               a gift extraordinaire.

          Then Della bought for Jim the gift
               she thought would mean the most.
          It was a chain for his gold watch,
               a fob of which he’d boast.

          In shock, he gave the precious combs
               procured for her that day,
          A gift he tought she’d love to wear.
               “You're beautiful,” he'd say.

          It seems he’d sold his golden watch.
               He had no other choice.
          It was the only way to pay.
               He thought they would rejoice.

          And thus to demonstrate their love
               they gave these gifts so fair.
          The gifts, of course, are useless now,
               and irony fills the air.