16 May, 2012

Mighty Finn - Update #1

That's my grandson! He's growing up - having just passed his 1/4th birthday.

When he was here about six weeks ago and about six weeks old, there wasn't a lot going on - eating, sleeping, crying. You know - baby stuff.

But now a personality is emerging, and emotions are differentiating. What begins in all of us as just arousal or no arousal has become happy or distressed or tired or bored or attentive or whatever. He smiles! And in reaction to you. And he reaches for things. What a piece of work is man!

I love this photo and the caption his mother gave it.

Whoa ... I have FEET!
Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner?

And then there is this 27 second clip - which I have watched repeatedly. He offers up a squeal of delight toward the end that is luscious and captivating, and if you don't smile in response to it, well ... your lobotomy worked. That squeal is also the first time I've heard him vocalize other than crying. Ecce homo!

I'll see him again very soon. I can't wait.