13 May, 2012

Life in the Rectory

Maria was a nun for a number of years but eventually left the order. When she returned home, she got a job as housekeeper for the local Parish Priest.

One day she came running into the Priest's office, all excited, and said "Father, Father, come quick, there something wrong with my washing machine." The priest said, "Now, now, my child, that washing machine is not yours. Nor is it mine. It was bought by the parishioners for our use, just like everything else in the Rectory. Nothing here is exclusively yours or mine. As members of the Parish everything is OURS. OUR washing machine, OUR fridge, OUR stove. Can you see that, my child?"

"Yes, Father," she said, "I understand that everything in the Rectory is OURS, and I promise I will never say MINE again."

Later that day the Bishop happened to come by and called on the Parish Priest. They were sitting in the Priest's office when Maria came running in, all excited and said, "Father, Father, come quick. There a mouse under OUR bed."
Author Unknown   

Contributed by Claire at Day to Day with Parkinson's Disease