21 February, 2013

{this memory} 74

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

In vino, veritas.
In wine, you will find truth.

That's where I found it. That's where I found mine. On Sunday, September 13, 1992, I had a very large heart attack and spent the next few months at home on disability leave. Hmmm - what to do with all that spare time?

Wine. I began learning about wine, in particular the reds. I created a special space that might hold 156 bottles. I say might because I don't think I ever had that many - although I might have been up to a hundred at one point. It's like a lab course - first you learn the basic theory and principles and then you try it out.

As I wrote in an earlier post: "My favorite wines are beefy but elegant reds - big, bold, and chewy with good wood, slow falling legs, and a long strong finish. Um ... at least I think we're still talking about wine."

The decanter shown was purchased by my wife and I on an excursion to Toronto. The glass was a gift from a relative. Amazingly - which I had to prove to disbelievers - it would hold a whole bottle of wine. I never used it that way though.

I drink less today than I once did. Necessarily. One glass is usually my limit. Maybe two if the occasion is right. I wish it weren't so, but 'tis.

Nevertheless, I am filled with such wonderful memories and am a most fortunate man.