08 February, 2013

Thank God It's ...

What a week! Not particularly stressful. No unusual amounts of work. The problem was I just couldn't get my internal calendar synchronized with reality.

Monday started out just fine. I taught my classes - the right ones at the right times. That night, however, as my wife and I planned the next day's transportation (since we have only one car in the winter), I said I would be on campus until late because of a Faculty Senate meeting.

As I sat at my desk the next day - Tuesday - it dawned on me that it was Tuesday. Faculty Senate always meets on a Wednesday. I had jumped ahead a day on my internal calendar. The remainder of Tuesday unfolded as expected. I taught my classes - the right ones at the right times.

Wednesday morning found me ready to teach my classes. I was working at my desk when a student came in to ask if I were coming to class. It was 9:55, but class began at 9:30. Arrgghh!! Tuesday classes begin at 10:00. I'm not sure if that's what I was thinking, but it sure looked like I was still a day ahead on my internal calendar. I was ready with the right lecture, just at the wrong time. I did manage to get to my Senate meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Then ... as I was leaving campus, I asked a colleague who isn't here every day if she were "coming in tomorrow." "No." Now for her that meant she wasn't coming in on Thursday. For me? Well, I said "see you next week" thinking the Thursday of tomorrow was a Friday. Good golly, Molly - what do I have to do to get my calendar re-synchronized?

I hope these aren't senior moments because I could be in real trouble. On Thursday I said it several times to myself - "Tomorrow is Friday." "Tomorrow is Friday." "Tomorrow is Friday." Unfortunately the weather service is predicting that there may be no Friday. It's expected to be eaten by the apocalyptic Winter Storm Nemo. "Potential Historic Blizzard Looms," screams the headline.

In the words of the immortal Bill the Cat: "Ack!" "Thbbft!"