19 February, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #11

Well ... it happened. I made it to the big 1, and what a party they threw for me. They called it a brunch. Lots of food. Check this out ...

Wow. I'm one, and now I get to drink cow's milk.
My first time. Who knew something this good
could come from such a weird animal.

They bought me these really cool things called balloons.
They kind of scared me at first,
but I really liked batting them around.

Mommy made me this great cake - with a ring of cupcakes
around it that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FINN."

All the older folks were drinking their orange juice
with something bubbly in it. None for me though.

All I got were the corks.

They even let me sit on the table to look at my cake.
My great Aunt Liz (in blue) told me I was still a chick magnet.
Good to know. I wouldn't want to lose it already. 

Close-up of the cake now that everyone has had some.
So cool!

Here's my piece - just kind of getting the feel of it.

I even ate some.

And I offered some to anyone who wanted some.
It's good to be generous.

Then the presents came. Here I am with a new stuffy.

And a new book that came with these big "tickle me" hands.
For mommy to use, I guess.

Afterward we tried out some of the toys in my grandfather's
study. I was showing off and working my magnetism on
Morgan here - my cousin's cousin. She's cute but a little tall for me.

I thought I would show her some yoga too.
It's how I keep the weight off.

See you next month.