06 July, 2012

Gentle Intentions

Henri Nouwen has suggested that only once in a while do we meet a gentle person - one who is attentive to our strengths and weaknesses, who delights in simply being with us, who listens carefully, looks tenderly, and touches with reverence, and who knows that true growth requires the warmth that is the nature of nurture.

I must be fortunate for I have known several who were as he describes. I'd like to believe that in their presence I became the same, but I won’t presume to think I am always a gentle person. They taught me, however, that to be so is the Way. It's active, holistic, and worthy of our embrace.

How genuinely remarkable it would be if more of us could become reliably gentle people - how much better the Journey would be. I want to believe it is possible and definitely hope that I can be so. The sincere delight and profound gratitude I have felt as the recipient encourages me to be that way for others. It's a goal to which we should all aspire.