31 July, 2012

Mighty Finn - Update #4

Holy onesies, fans - it's been a month since the last update! Time to see what's happening.

The Mighty Finn has been visiting his grandparents the past few days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It's been wonderful, of course, and this follows a week at his home for his Christening. He likes to squeal in happiness, is geting pretty good at sitting with some stability - at least until he gets excited and gravity sort of takes over.

Maybe a few photos to update you further and in his own words:


You've heard of Joe Cool - well, I'm Finn Cool.
And I'm lookin' for some action.

Auntie is always available for a swing. Swoosh.

Toes, giraffes, pacifiers ... doesn't matter.
I'll find away to suck on it.

They took me to this pretty church last week where
they had a very big bowl of water. After some pretty songs,
this guy in a way fancy outfit started pouring water on my head.
Once, twice, three times. Then he dried me off.
Can you say affusion? 'Cause I can't.

Here we are after the drying - auntie and mommy.

Come on. Admit it. I'm just cute.

Waiting for our table at a really sweeeet dining establishment.
Frasca in Boulder, CO.

I'm learning to sit by the table so no one has to hold me,

Mommy got this new backpack. I can't wait for our first hike.

On the Outer Banks -  
and Finn Cool is checking out the chicks. 
Life is good.