28 January, 2014

Mighty Finn - Update #23

Welcome back, friends, and another month has flown by.

Someone must have been cold - so they put this blanket on me.

I've learned that Christmas also means food.
Here I am enjoying some pomegranate seeds.

More food, this time at my Children's Table with my cousin, Gavin.

And, of course, lots of presents - not all mine though.

This one WAS mine. Mommy helped me open it - 
it being Thomas the Tank Engine.

Did I mention the food? Who doesn't like Wonderful Halos?
Yum - better than a Cutie.

I have a card for someone on Christmas Eve. It's nice to give too.

Oh, dear.  I don't do this too often, but sometimes
you just have to be genuine and let it all hang out.
It didn't work as I recall.

One of my favorite things was to sit on Grandpa's lap, and we
would open the next Advent Calendar window on his computer. 

See you real soon.