14 January, 2014

Like Any Other

It was a day just like any other day. Only different.

It started out the same. Morning meds. Cheerios. Coffee. Attend to blogging and FaceBook needs. Check and respond to email. Enter some sweepstakes. On to the New York Times - especially Front Page, Science, Health, Education, Op-Eds, and then whatever else catches my eye. And finally, should time permit, some puzzles - Sudoku, Ken Ken, Sets, Crossword. Get that brain working.

If it stopped there, it would have been a day just like any other day, but I had to go out. My dentist wanted me to stop by so he could check something he did a couple of weeks ago. Five minutes and I was heading home.

Traveling, by the way, is a pain. I have a portable oxygen concentrator. It's on wheels like you see suitcases. I roll it to the car, set it behind the driver's seat, take off the cannula and throw it to the front seat, get into the driver's seat, and put the cannula back on. Same at the dentist's. In and out, and I'm on my way home.

As I get to my driveway, I decide to back in. We have a long driveway that is much easier when one transits it head first. At the bottom of the driveway where it connects with the street, it is bracketed by deep ditches, and over the years we've had at least a dozen guests get at least one wheel in the ditch. We call for the tow truck, and it's a pretty easy out.

That's when the day became different Damn. I judged that wrong and am now in an odd position - left front tire up in the air and left rear well into the ditch.

Not much to do now but call AAA and explain to each of the dozen or so concerned passersby that I'm fine, just embarrassed, and help is on the way. It looks a lot worse than it is.

Help was, and I was easily extracted. I pulled into the driveway head first this time, happy to be heading inside. I guess I can no longer tease those who have found the ditch before me, and I'm hoping this is my stupidity for this month.

No vehicles were damaged
in the making of this photograph.