21 November, 2013

{this memory} 97

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

Is it recognizable? It's certainly iconic. You are looking a Freud's couch. It's in his London home where he spent the last year or so of his life. He had finally fled Vienna after the Gestapo held his daughter Anna for a day.

I've been fortunate enough to visit his apartments in Vienna once and his London home twice. I loved Vienna and was awestruck to tour the space where he lived and worked for decades. It's a bit sad because the spaces are somewhat barren since he moved everything to London where his home hosts the furniture, the aforementioned couch, and his desk with all of the antique figurines he collected. In fact, he basically duplicated the office he had in Vienna in the London home.

In that couch, I see a dedicated scientist, courage in the face of almost unimaginable hatred and hostility, and determination to fight a cancer that would eventually win. None of these are bad qualities to have. In the end, of course, he had to give in to his frailty and asked for a lethal dose of morphine.

I am a fortunate man. Life's been good to me so far.