01 November, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #20

One last photo from Disney Hong Kong.
That's my nonna. She loves me. Lots.

Back from the Far East and, of course,
we needed some supplies.

I Skype. Do you Skype?
It's the next best thing to being there.

Yep - it's starting to get a bit nippy outside -
so the heat's on. That's also means lots
of static electricity. My hair ... well ...
let's just say it's had better days.

Yep - nippy outside and that calls for a new snow suit.
Evidently I've grown a bit since last year.

Follow me. I'll show you how to get out of this maze
This is so cool. I love October.

I got to pick whatever pumpkin I wanted -
as long as it was one I could carry.
Maddie and I are giving it a good think - before we commit.

This pumpkin's about my limit, I think.
Hey! Look at that tractor. I've gotta get one of those.

And Halloween means costumes.
Do you know who I am?

Why I'm Max, of course,
King of the Wild Things.
I'm toasty too. Bring on the candy.

See you soon.