28 July, 2013

The Tidal Wave

A Jewish grandma and her grandson were at the beach.

He was playing in the water, and she was standing on the shore not wanting to get her feet wet when all of the sudden, a huge wave appeared from nowhere and crashed directly onto the spot where her grandson was wading.

The water receded, and the boy was no longer there. He had been swept away.

The grandma held her hands to the sky, screamed, and cried: Lord, my GOD, how could you? Haven't I been a wonderful grandmother? Haven't I been a wonderful mother? Haven't I kept a kosher home? Haven't I given to charity? Haven't I lit candles every Friday night? Haven't I tried my very best to live a life that you would be proud of?

A voice boomed from the sky, "All right already!" A moment later another huge wave appeared out of nowhere and crashed on the beach. As the water receded, the boy was standing there. He was smiling and splashing around as if nothing had ever happened.

The voice boomed again, "I have returned your grandson. Are you satisfied?" She responded, "He had a hat."
Author Unknown