09 July, 2013

A Few Good Lies

Can you handle the truth? Can you lie about yourself? It's not as easy as one might think. I came across a "game" in which participants are asked write down two truths about themselves and a lie. Next they are to share these three "facts" with the others present who then try to guess which one is a lie - after, of course, a period of everyone talking to everyone, asking strategic questions, etc.

When I first posted this a couple of years ago, only two readers ventured guesses. Perhaps now that I have more readers, we can have a real contest, and if you remember the previous post, you are disqualified from this round. Please give me your choice in time for me to reveal all in Friday's post.

It’s intended to be an "ice breaker" and to help everyone get to know each other. It seems to me, however, that it also works well as a way to get to know yourself - mostly via the process one goes through trying to decide what to reveal, hide, or embellish. This isn’t as easy as it first appears. What would you say and why? What truth are you willing to reveal that might seem a lie, and what lie are you willing to offer that folks might assume to be true?

There is a winner, by the way. You get a point for each mistake the others make in guessing which are your truths and which is the lie. So your strategy would involve knowing what others think of you, what they don't know about you, and what they might be willing to believe about you. You want believable lies and unlikely truths - at least in light of what others think they know about you.

What would I say? Hmmm.

1. I competed in a Mr. Legs contest and came in second.
2. I considered applying for a Rhodes Scholarship.
3. I have driven a golf ball about 300 yards on a golf course.

At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. If you know me well, it's easy. If not, you may have more difficulty. Take your best shot. I'll post the answer on Friday and will award a virtual prize to the winner.

If you do guess, you might want to keep your rationale to yourself - unless you want to help the others.