24 July, 2013

Snap Out Of It!

What follows refers to a conversation with a good friend a while ago in which I was discussing my Neglected Left as I sometimes call it. If you are unclear about my meaning, that would be my left arm and hand which, for the most part, dangle uselessly at my side.

I was describing the appearance of my left arm and hand. When I paused for a moment, she filled in the blank. “Pronated.” Actually, I knew the terminology. It’s just sometimes I so want it not to be my word.

Those of us with disabilities can be a schizophrenic bunch at times. Not literally - we're very much in touch with reality. I just mean it is easy to be of two minds regarding our status. By and large we are quite content with our world. We have made our way and adjusted, and few of us waste time wishing things were otherwise. There is simply too much good and worthwhile ever to wish it away.

But ... there are always occasions - however infrequent - when you wonder what it would be like if ... yada, yada, yada. They don't last long, and we soon return to our optimistic senses.

I would rather spend my energy exploring and understanding that optimism and searching for ways that I might share it, ways that I might infect others with it. The research is extensive, and it is abundantly clear that positive attitudes lead to longer and healthier lives. I intend to take full advantage of that bounty. If you ever see me acting otherwise, you have my permission to slap me and in your best Cher imitation say, "Snap out of it!"

I'd be happy to do the same for you.