12 July, 2013

Jesus Christ, That Went Far

This is the follow-up to Monday's post and contest. Nine readers ventured to offer guesses as to which of the three was the lie. Five selected Number Three, a very tempting choice, and I might have gone for that one myself. Two selected Number Two, and two selected Number One.

By the way, I think this would be a better game if you didn't know how many lies there were - one, two, or three. Or none.

Which is the lie?
1. I competed in a Mr. Legs contest and came in second.
2. I considered applying for a Rhodes Scholarship.
3. I have driven a golf ball over 300 yards on a golf course.

Number 1. This is true. 1965. Frank W. Cox High School in Virginia Beach. No photos available unfortunately. The guy who won was a basketball player, and everyone had seen his crooked, incredibly spindley legs at the games. He was known for them.

Number 2. This is not true; it's the lie. The thought never crossed my mind - especially after nearly flunking out as a first year student. Plus, I wasn't well rounded - no athletics, etc. I did, however, walk by the Rhodes Scholar offices when I was on sabbatical and reading at Oxford.

Number 3. This is true - although perhaps not literally, and there was no intent to deceive. As a young and most flexible young man (who had already been golfing for ten years) I uncorked a drive on a short 323 yard Par 4 in Virginia Beach. It got a great bounce on a hard dry fairway with slope, and the ball stopped in the front fringe of the green. It wasn't measured, but with a small green that shot must have gone around 300 yards. Certainly all the old men playing with me were mumbling and grumbling about fleeting youth, fairness, and all that sort of thing. It was a singular experience in a lot of ways but mostly because you can be certain that it never happened again.

Who won? Well, we have a tie.
Since two people who offered a guess were correct, I suppose I should have had a tie breaker. Nevertheless, they both win this lovely image of a lovely first place ribbon.