27 March, 2012

Something Wonderful

Last night was an interesting and emotional evening.

I drove to Albany to pick up my daughter and new grandson, Finn, at the airport. It was my first opportunity to see him. We'll start with 'Wow!'

The drive back was incredible. Having Finn there contributed, of course, but he did sleep the whole way - which he did as well on both of his flights, much to the pleasure of the other passengers, I'm sure.

It was incredible because of the heavens. If you've paid attention, you've read the the skies have been remarkable of late. Our drive was westerly, in general, for about 90 minutes. Looking that direction gave us the most beautiful view of a waxing crescent moon in a cloudless sky. Just to the moon's right was a brilliant Venus, and dangling below that was Jupiter. Another 'Wow!'

We drove straight toward this remarkable vision. It never moved beyond 10 o'clock to our left or 2 o'clock to our right. Most of the time it was dead ahead. If you drew a line from Venus to Jupiter to Earth, it would have stuck in the road in front of us.

Of course, Orion and his belt with its stellar nursery were hanging close by but very low, including Betelgeuse, Rigel, and Bellatrix. And to our north both Big and Little Dippers danced their cosmic circle dance.

Such an amazing view. Auspicious, I believe. I shall long remember the heavens on the night I met my grandson. My horizon was filled with the Moon and Venus and Jupiter and all manner of stars but mostly with young Finn, and my heart was filled with love. Some day I shall tell him about it - about the night he outshone the best the heavens could offer.