09 March, 2012

Award Season

Recovering from pneumonia, I didn't need to have my breath taken away, but she did. "Who would do such a thing?!" you ask. Well, blame it on Janine who writes wonderful posts at Reflections from a Red Head.

And what did she do? Easy enough. She nominated me for not one, but two awards. After the Academy Awards, you thought the awards were finished for the year. Nope - she had awarded me for the Tell Me About Yourself Award AND nominated me for the 7 Links Challenge. She's such a sweetheart and a great blogging friend. Maybe someday I'll get to Oz so that I can actually meet her.

There are strings, of course. Conditions. Rules. Etiquette. Guidelines. For the Tell Me About Yourself Award, I should share seven random facts about myself and share the award with 15 bloggers. For the 7 Links Challenge. I should provide seven links for the provided categories and nominate 5 bloggers.

I'm going to modify those - a least a little - as have many others. I will follow the first rule of each but nominate only seven bloggers whom I follow closely.

Thom Trivia

1. I have two amazing daughters and one amazing grandson. One daughter is a fellow in pediatric hematology/oncology. The other is just finishing a doctorate in clinical psychology and is currently working as a psychometrician. My grandson is about a month old; he's a genius and handsome.
2. I cry easily, tear up anyway. I'm not as bad as the current Speaker of the House, but it doesn't take much. Rituals and ceremonies revolving around things important to me, human misfortune, triumphs of the human spirit, a horse race, a poignant memory, beauty however represented. Yep - I'm a softie.
3. If I could live on cheese, olives, bread, and wine only, I would. I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't?!
       3a. My favorite wines are beefy but elegant reds - big, bold, and
       chewy with good wood, slow falling legs, and a long strong finish.
       Um ... at least I think we're still talking about wine.
4. I did well in my university ROTC courses in Naval Science - especially celestial navigation. In fact, I still have the text - Dutton's Navigation and Piloting. I'm pretty sure that's why I have never been lost at sea at night.
5. I cannot live without books, and I want to live long enough to see whirled peas. (I guess that's two things - bonus!)
6. Although I have been a professor of psychology for 37 years, I probably should have been an architect or an Egyptologist. Growing up, I always wanted to be an architect, but somehow I'd forgotten that by the time I was old enough to decide on a university and a major.
7. I turn the lights out in empty classrooms as I walk down the hallway.
7. I believe my father was right to teach me that if something is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well. Today I think this applies to people as well.
7. I never allow a day to pass without laughing and being thankful for life.

A Septet of Links

Most Beautiful Post: Window On The World.
This may have been the easiest writing I've ever done. It was just one of those occasions where it all flowed - words, images, organization.

Most Popular Post: There Will Be Bread.
I like this piece too, but it selected itself - or rather you folks did. It's the one with the most views - over 3000.

Most Controversial Post: Bring Them Home.
I'm not sure it's all that controversial - taking a stand for peace. It is, however, unusual for me to offer political commentary in this space.

Most Helpful Post: It's Never Too Late.
Sixty-three years has taught me a little, and this is just good, common sense advice.

Post Whose Success Surprises me: There's Something About Hands.
Wow! 1500 views and it averages about 30 per day - long after it was written.

Post Deserving Greater Attention: The Boobie Ultimatum.
How can we talk too much about breast cancer? We can't, and I wish I had more readers at the time I originally posted this.

Post of Which I Am Most Proud: Undifference.
Civil rights and common decency for those with challenges. It ought to be an easy sell, but it isn't.

Not too difficult, but there are a couple of categories where I had toss-up choices. Beautiful and Proud are the hardest categories for me - proud of the quality of writing or proud of the message offered? Beautiful prose or beautiful sentiments or beautiful images created? At some point, I essentially flipped a coin. I've done this before and have changed only two in the list.

Thom's Seven Blog Recommendations

Okay, I lied. I was entranced by the 7-7-7 Jackpot idea. Sorry. I'm going to mention a lot more than seven because there are twenty or so incredible bloggers who belong to Personal Bloggers Are Us - every one of whom is worth a visit.

And there are a few more authors I read who are not members.
BLissed-out Grandma
Strained Consciousness
Day to Day with Parkinson's Disease

Please enjoy.