11 March, 2012

No Dancing

An angel was feeling rather blue with the uniform sameness of heaven and went to see St. Peter. “All I do,” the angel said, “is play the harp endlessly, and I’m getting bored.”

St. Peter asked, “What would you rather do?”

"Ah," the angel answered, “I really like to dance.”

“We don’t allow dancing here in heaven,” St. Peter said, “but I can see you need a change so I will allow you to take advantage of a once-in-an-eternal-lifetime offer. I will allow you 24 hours leave to return to earth and dance.”

“I’m gone,” the angel said, and in the blink of an eye, the angel was in California. He quickly found a dance hall run by Samuel Frank. Checking the harp and wings at the door, the angel boogied and danced and had a great time until just seconds remained of the leave.

At the last secod, the angel grabbed his wings and was immediately in heaven again. Returning to St. Peter, the angel said, “I’m back, and I am so happy. I’ll never feel bored again.”

St. Peter said, “That’s wonderful, but where is your musical instrument?”

“Oh, no,” the angel said, “I left my harp in Sam Frank’s Disco.”
Author Unknown