15 September, 2013

Useful Information

Pat and Mike were walking down the street. When they came to the church, Pat said, "Mike, you wait here. I'm going to run in for confession. It's been a long time."

Pat entered the confessional and said, "Father, forgive me. I have sinned with a married woman."

The priest asked, "Was it Mrs. Murphy?" "No, Father," came the reply.

"Was it Mrs. O'Boyle?" Again the reply was "No, Father."

"Was it Mrs. O'Grady?" Pat said, "Father, I'll not be telling you the lady's name!"

So the priest told him to say two Hail Marys for each time he had sinned with the woman.

Back on the street, Mike said, "Well, how did you do?" Pat said, "Just fine. I kept me mouth shut and got three new prospects!"
Author Unknown