Thom's Lexicon

I have been known to sprinkle my writing with words that have use-specific meaning or just make up a new word on occasion - if it says what I'm trying to communicate. What follows is a work in progress since words appear and disappear from the list and definitions change.

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
Awakening - The Sleeper (or the Traveler) coming off life support
BEing - maintaining one's focus in the Moment; living in the present
BeforeTime - any time before I became The Sleeper; more specifically, before I became physically challenged
Be the Journey - enjoying every minute of one's life to the fullest; making every minute into a Moment
Carpe diem - Latin expression for Seize the Day meaning take advantage of what is before you
Dancing - whenever two Travelers' Journeys interact symbiotically
Hard Rock Café - purveyor of great cheeseburgers and collectibles
Journey - the unfolding course of anyone's life
Judy - The Traveler's physical therapist
Keepers - hospital staff
Listener(s) - in the singular, a close friend of The Traveler; in the plural, any number of individuals who are close to The Traveler
Mneme - one of three original Muses (later there are nine); the Muse of Memory
Moment(s) - a special experience typically filled with deep emotion or great insight
Neglected Left - a description of my left arm and hand which no sensory or motor ability
Oblivion - the Plains or River of Oblivion was also known as the Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, and was one of the five rivers of the Greek Underworld. Also known as the river of unmindfulness, it flowed around the cave of Hypnos and through the Underworld, where all those who drank from it experienced complete forgetfulness.
Others - anyone other than The Traveler or The Listener
Perch - specifically, an etching by Christi Sobel; more generally, The Traveler's position of security in life
River - the Journey's path, where it has been and where it is headed
Scars - evidence of survival of any physical or psychological trauma
Scar Trek - narrative of the accumulation of The Traveler's Scars; pretty much my life story from a medical perspective
Shepherds - original term for The Keepers
Sleeper - same as Traveler but specifically when he was sustained by life support
Teacher(s) - in the singular, usually The Listener or Judy; in the plural, anyone who has a life lesson for or exerts influence on The Traveler
Tommy Two Shirts
Traveler(s) - in the singular, the author of To Gyre and Gambol; in the plural, anyone sharing a portion of the Author's Journey
Triple Dog Dare
Undifference - The Traveler's term for the state of being just like everyone else

I went to medical school and majored in acronyms. These are a few I especially like.

f/u - follow-up
peds - pediatric (adjective), pediatrics (noun)
onc, heme/onc - oncology, hematology/oncology (often used after peds)
s/p - status post, meaning "after" (more or less)