16 August, 2011

My Seven Links

It's Hajra's fault - piling the work on, but it had to be done, I suppose. Janine made her do it, after all. The challenge was to select seven of your own posts that best match the seven categories listed below. It's tough to be your own evaluator, and the categories are not rigorously defined. Somehow I managed though. When done, you get to inflict a similar pain on four others.

So, here we go.

My Most Beautiful Post: Window On The World. This may have been the easiest writing I've ever done. It was just one of those occasions where it all flowed - words, images, organization.

My Most Popular Post: Postponement. I like this piece too, but it selected itself - or rather you folks did. It's the one with the most views.

My Most Controversial Post: Bring Them Home. I'm not sure it's all that controversial - taking a stand for peace. It is, however, unusual for me to offer political commentary in this space.

My Most Helpful Post: It's Never Too Late. Sixty-three years has taught me a little, and this is just good, common sense advice.

A Post whose Success Surprises me: The Aches Of Wrap. I don't know - maybe the holiday theme or the humor, but this piece still gets a view every so often and was the most read for a long time.

A Post I feel Didn't Get the Attention It Deserved: The Boobie Ultimatum. How can we talk too much about breast cancer? We can't, and I wish I had more readers at the time I originally posted this.

The Post I am Most Proud of: Undifference. Civil rights and common decency for those with challenges. It ought to be an easy sell, but it isn't.

Not too difficult, but there are a couple of categories where I had toss-up choices. Beautiful and Proud are the hardest categories for me - proud of the quality of writing or proud of the message offered? Beautiful prose or beautiful sentiments or beautiful images created? At some point, I essentially flipped a coin.

Now for the four other writers whom I've selected to torture.

Megan is always worth reading at Strained Consciousness. Let's see what her sense of humor brings to this.

Cathy brings so much class to blogging at ~just my thoughts that her selections should be a treat.

Penelope always has amazing stories at Don't Hang Up. Her choices should tell a story worth reading.

Alexandra is changing on us at She Talks Too Much. So who knows where her selections will take us.

There you have it, and now they do too. I hope the four follow through because I'm eager to see their selections. Peace.

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