19 March, 2015

{this memory} 128

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}

I'm getting so far behind!

This is me (then 5 years old) and my sister (aged 4) before my first ballet and tap dancing recital, in 1987. We are in the study/library of my parents' house. White tights, huh? I haven't seen those in a very long time. I am also apparently unembarrassed by the ridiculous costume and hat. I think I wore more makeup in those first few recitals than in the next twenty years. After a couple years at the dance school of dramatic costumery, I quit tap (thankfully) and switched to more "serious" school, where our leotards and tutus were a bit more...subdued. :-) I was never particularly good, but I get a lot of (honestly very flattering) questions in my adult life about whether I was ever a ballet dancer, so I guess something stuck!