05 March, 2015

{this memory} 127

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}

September 2008, Lafayette, Colorado...

During my internship at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, I had three weeks of vacation, and I spent all of them in Colorado, then a bit of my "dream" state. At the end of the year, I transferred there to finish my residency and fellowship...five years in all, during which I vacillated wildly between intense gratitude for waking up every day to spectacular Rocky Mountain vistas, and deep homesickness for the lush, humid, green East Coast. Don't get me wrong, Colorado totally fulfilled its end of the bargain. I'm just an East Coast girl - all grey/black wardrobe and dark, ironic humor - at heart.**

This picture is from my first vacation of internship, which coincided with my twenty-sixth birthday. We celebrated it at Sushi Sasa, by letting the chef make us whatever he wanted, which was pretty damn awesome. On the last day of my vacation, I checked something off the bucket list - flying trapeze. Denver doesn't / didn't have a big trapeze school (like New York and Chicago, among others), but I Googled and found a low-key circus arts club near Boulder, that allowed people to come and give the trapeze a try.

This is my first swing... I did eventually work up the nerve to let go with both hands but my timing was off and I missed the catch. Oh well. Hopefully I'll try again someday.

**Mostly. For my son's third birthday, I promised to teach him to rock climb (which I did, technically, learn on the East Coast, in high school), starting in a gym. The staff told him they had never seen climbing shoes so small before. I was so proud of him. He was definitely scared but kept saying he wanted to give it another try. Little Colorado boy!