27 October, 2014

An American girl in Europe, part 2

The second half was less amusing than the first...but I made the effort to scan these in... Just consider yourself forewarned. (To read the far superior Part 1, click here.)

August 17, 1991
That is not how you spell "porcelain", nine-year-old self! 
You are not living up to your alleged precocity!

As seems to be the trend, I was remarkably unfazed by such events as a restaurant possibly going up in flames while we dined.

August 18, 1991
"We were going to sit in the bar, but children weren't allowed."
Silly American parents, what were they thinking?

My dad sketched the British flag for me so I could draw it with my awesome neon crayons.

August 19, 1991
"Then some people decided they didn't want to go to New York..."
This is apparently a lot funnier and less irritating when you're 9. 
Perhaps also less likely to lead to a lengthy interrogation in 1991.

Ahh, the days when a bad flight meant your mother dumped her drink on you. Now you have to worry about someone spilling Ebola on you.

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