21 June, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #16

I'm back. Did you miss me?

When I last updated you, I was getting some new shoes.
Cool, yes?

Let's get this one over with.
I look like an old man on a park bench in Florida
I still got the old magnetism though. She's older,
but she couldn't stay away.

Joe Cool? No, it's me.
Sometimes it's the only way I can get away the ladies.

This is interesting. I've been working
on a new technique that uses only one chopstick.

Here I am with my grandma. I'm holding her hand so
she won't be afraid at the zoo and won't wander off.
It's hard taking care of older folks, but important.

Here I am explaining how Jung's theory of a collective unconscious
is related to Lucas's description of midi-chlorians and the Force. 

Oh boy! My first ice cream!
They let me sample a lot of different flavors.
I really liked the black raspberry.