25 June, 2013

Be The River

"Be a river and not a pond?" was the comment a friend ventured in response to another of my introspective musings. I liked that, this image of being a river. More accurately though, the image that I love is of being carried by the river - the River of Life - toward some place unknowable.

Once adrift on the river, we repeatedly encounter the unexpected around each bend, and although our journey is usually routine, when darkness falls or the mists are heavy, it can be more difficult to find sufficient clarity to discern and appreciate what awaits us on the banks of the river. We are, nevertheless, confronted with choices about where and even whether to stop.

Sometimes we are carried more slowly, sometimes more rapidly, but always forward. When the current runs deep beneath us, all appears tranquil, but at other times we are pushed and pulled by irresistible forces in circular eddies and in spirals around pieces of driftwood or rocks. And then there are those rapids and falls where we tumble precipitously only later to find ourselves once again in relative calm.

Ultimately we are changed by our Journey. Yet somehow we arrive at an appropriate destination, usually completely unaware we are the ones who chose our Journey’s end.

I always smile when remembering that I am alone neither on the river nor in these thoughts. There are many with me on the Journey and many who helped create this image, an image in which I have found warmth and comfort and serenity.