10 October, 2012

Spiral Knowledge

In Being Where I spent a few words characterizing our passages on the River of Life as the Journey, and in another space I went on to define the Journey as the unfolding course of one's life. I am hardly alone in describing it that way, but at some point I even created a bit of Flair to reinforce the notion: Be the Journey - meaning each of us should enjoy every minute of life to the fullest and strive to make every gifted minute into a Moment. I still like that thought.

Over the past few years I have engaged a few good friends in some very real discussions about life and the unexpected course often it takes. Even those discussions have developed in unexpected directions, and the opportunities for them have come and gone as my path intersected with and then diverged from those of my friends.

The image that is below is the result if one specific interchange.
For me, the river is still a more comfortable metaphor than the spiral, but I fully appreciate both. And there is certainly plenty of room for both.