31 October, 2012


Well, I have finished grading the exam I gave on Monday, and I'll be returning them in just a few short hours. I guess it could have been worse. Not much, but I've learned it can always be worse.

Let's see. 4 As. 2 Bs. 7 Cs. 3 Ds. 12 Fs. Mean of 65, with a high score of 100 and a low of 37.

It frustrates me that most students just sit staring in class without taking any notes, that many never read the material prior to class, and that some never even buy the text. I understand the reasons and all of the history of this. I get all that, but given what higher education costs these days, it sure is a huge waste of money. I don't know why they are here if they're not willing to work, and I see a motivation to learn in only a few. It seems to me that life offers no choice -- learn it now or learn it later -- and the later it is, the more expensive those lessons become.

And then there are the seven who didn't even show up for the exam -- several with sudden-appearing flu-like symptoms. I wasn't surprised when I saw that five of those seven had failed the first exam. Harumph.

Maybe I'm just old and cranky.