19 October, 2012

Mighty Finn - Update #7

Early update this time, boys and girls. There's a lot going on, and the miles are piling up. I left home for a few days in Aspen, back to the apartment, then home to New York, and finally London and Oxford before heading west again. What a wonderful world.
Hi ho. A good night's sleep and I'll be ready to roll.

Mommy's shoe. If she forgets to pack this,
there's no telling what of mine she'll forget.

I love hanging ten in my stroller, and my oh my,
downtown Aspen is sure pretty.

Yay. Another big chair.
Now that I can sit up, I love these things.

Same chair, another angle.
Want to join me? There's room.

Speaking of room. Look at this chair!

And it's outside where I can just chill.
We'll be skiing in just a month or two.

Ready for some more down time,
but then it's off to New York.

Shut! Up! I have a COUSIN?!

And here he is. Gaven's just a few months older than I am,
although I'm bigger. Oh the fun we're going to have. 
That's his mommy, Stephanie, holding him.

One of my favorite things at home in New York
is my auntie's dog Maddox. He's a yellow lab.
Here we are discussing the election in my grandpa's front hall.
He's as disgusted as I am.

 I'll save England for my next update. See you soon.