30 October, 2012

My First Time

... at least the first one I remember experiencing was Hurricane Hazel in 1954. I was living on the Norfolk Navy Base then, and I can still see the tree damage. Then there were Donna and Connie and Cleo and Camille and Agnes - all nasty killers. Others too, but the only one that matters now is Sandy. She's big.

Until you've seen the damage these angry ocean waves can cause, it's hard to appreciate the power of nature, but at the same time, we are a fragile species at best anyway. The falling of a tree branch can take us out. Flooding, power outages, wind damage. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

All I can say is stay safe, my friends. It will pass, and there will be much joy in the stories you'll tell.

In the image above you see the tracks of hurricanes whose names were retired as a way to remember their intensity or destruction.