26 October, 2012

I See Deep Purple

The billowy waves of purple are intense as they roll across my mind, each one riding atop of the one prior like gentle shorebreak on the edge some cosmic ocean. If that's not enough, the waves occasionally throw golden shadows. It's quite a show.

"What am I talking about," you're likely to be thinking. Well, I have written about it before in The Dance. Yesterday I had another session with the physical therapist I've seen off and on for the past twenty years.

Every session is similarly powerful. I don't know what's generating these visions as she works on my body. I've considered of 1835 Doctrine of Specific Nerve Energies which says that "that the nature of perception is defined by the pathway over which the sensory information is carried. Hence, the origin of the sensation is not important." In other words, no matter how the eye is stimulated, the visual cortex will respond -- whether it's a light in the eye or physical pressure on the eye or some other way.

Nope. My eyes are closed and untouched -- unstimulated in any way. Yet the visions abound.

All I know is I'm thankful for them. Once I manage to peel myself off the table, I feel wonderful. Some things I guess I just don't need to understand.