21 June, 2012

{this memory} 56

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

You're in New York - behind my home and around 1986 or so. After building this home, we moved into it in 1985. The next year I built a deck and added this swingset - so obviously home-made. Slide, fort, swings, ladders, bridge - it had it all.

The lady in front and in red is my mother, and the little girl is my older daughter. Both are wearing huge smiles, and in those smiles I find a moment to savor. As my readers know, my little girl is now a mom, and my mom is now a great grandmother. The river of life.

The swings are gone today, and where they stood is now a swimming pool. For some reason though, I kept the ladder that brought you to the top of the slide. It leans in a secluded corner on the deck - which does still stand although today it is roofed and screened and has it's own swing.

So many wonderful memories - I am a fortunate man.