06 June, 2012

Poetically Over

In January I participated in a "30 poems in 30 days" challenge. On Day 12, the challenge was to write a poem about doing something for the last time. What emerged from my pen is sadness over the day that will surely come - all the more reason to live in the present.

The Last Time

          The day will burst upon my soul
          as if a thousand suns
          and leave behind a trail of tears
          to blind me for a while.

          To gain and keep a healing peace
          I must remember all
          the perfect moments deep and pure,
          the smiles so often shared.

          Yet all too soon the day shall come,
          the last time we shall gaze
          into each other’s eyes and speak
          without a word or sound.

          A final kiss, a last embrace
          and all that will remain
          are dreams that paint what might have been
          to cherish for all time.