28 December, 2011

Thom's Top Five

I've received a challenge from a writing group to which I belong, and it seemed quite appropriate as we close out the year. The Challenge: "Write and share a post with the group of your top 5 - 10 posts for the year" (two of mine are older).

We were told this could be based on traffic generated, comments received, personal resonance, what you believe was great but didn't seem to get noticed much, and so on. "This will be a great opportunity for us to all revisit each others year, and also for the newer members of the group to perhaps read something they missed out on."

The same holds true for my newer readers, and here a few I really like. I've sorted them into my own categories.

Fiction: Just Another Day

Wordplay/Poetry: Silence Of The Sands

Best Writing: Window On The World

Deserves More Notice: The Boobie Ultimatum

Disability: undifference

On the Lighter Side: I Now Pronounce You Oneshoeshy

Memoir: Hippie Feat

Most Read: Three Faces Of Tut

Politics: Bring Them Home

Life Lesson: Postponement

So there you have it - Thom's Top Five. Yeah, I know it's actually ten, and I had trouble keeping it to that! Which of those are the best five only you can decide. Please enjoy.