08 December, 2011

{this memory} 29

The year was 1986, and my younger daughter was celebrating her third birthday.

She was a cutie pie, and I loved watching her gingerly open her presents - always in the presence of her large extended Italian family. I smile when I recall one great uncle to whom, for some reason, she just wouldn't talk - although to be fair there were lots of folks to whom she wouldn't speak. Aunt Bea and Uncle Bill were quite close to us though and together with my mother-in-law were usually our babysitters. She knew him quite well even if he didn't always stay for the evening, so I guess it will forever remain a mystery. She outgrew that phase, of course.

Today she is a beautiful, talented, and well-educated young woman, and I am immensely proud of her. I don't know where that quarter century went; the years just seemed to speed by. I'm lucky though because I can look back on many happy memories. I am truly a fortunate man.