06 December, 2011

Ann Marie

Our family lost another brave soul yesterday, my wife's older sister. She spent much of her last two decades in a nursing home as she coped with the assaults that multiple sclerosis continually made on her brain and spinal cord, but she was a kind and gentle woman. Although I have not seen her much in recent years, I shall miss her. She was 72 and a good person.

With surprising synchronicity, my {this moment} post yesterday had a picture of my younger daughter opening a birthday present. Behind her in the photo is her Aunt Ann Marie (although headless). It was her first appearance in my blog, and the timing of it has to make you wonder.

A blogging friend from Australia has shared this prayer which comes from the Apachean tribes who are centered primarily in New Mexico and Arizona. I find comfort in it.
      May the sun bring you new energy every day, bringing light into 

          the darkness of your soul
      May the moon softly restore you by night bathing you in the glow 

          of restful sleep and peaceful dreams
      May the rain wash away your worries, and cleanse the hurt that 

          sits in your heart
      May the breeze blow new strength into your being, and may you 

          believe in the courage of yourself
      May you walk gently through the world, keeping your loved one 

          with you always
      Knowing that you are never parted in the beating of your heart.