30 June, 2011

{this memory} 6

This image from Tuesday's post shows a statuette of "The Lovers." It is about 18 inches in height and composed of clear glass, hand-formed and attached to a black glass base.

We were having a good morning when we discovered "The Lovers." My wife and I had arrived in Venice the preceding afternoon by train from Rome - early enough to check into our hotel and still have time for some leisurely strolling and exploring as we looked for the perfect place for dinner. We found it in a secluded restaurant with a few outdoor tables alongside one of the smaller canals. Nice beginning.

We were up early the next morning, eager for more strolling arm-in-arm as well as sightseeing, eating, and shopping. We were trying to do as much as we could before another couple joined us that afternoon. It was mid-morning, and we were walking along the water by Giardini ex Reali and not far from Harry's Bar. A well-dressed signore approached us offering a free boat trip over to Murano (and back) where we could visit one of the glass studios.

We knew we were being targeted and lured to buy something, but we had time on our hands and a free trip over and back. We went. After watching some artists work by their glass ovens, we were given a private tour of the showroom and eventually offered something to drink and a place to sit.

"The Lovers" is the piece we decided to buy, and they packaged it and shipped it back to New York for us. I'm sure they thought they "sold" us, but we had planned on a trip to Murano to purchase glass anyway. They just made it easier for us. Rather than return to our starting point, we asked them to drop us at the train station because it was nearing arrival time for our friends; our kidnappers were happy to do so. We found another perfect spot for lunch and then went to greet our friends.

Did I say it was a "good" morning? It was more than that. It was one of those perfect mornings.