09 June, 2011

{this memory} 3

In its literal content, this photo from Tuesday's post shows the walkway in our front yard on Hyde Street (now Howe) in Norfolk, VA in late 1951 or early 1952. I was three and sitting in my trusty Radio Flyer red wagon. Also in the wagon is an empty soda bottle - probably Yoo-Hoo, a favorite chocolate drink. It could have been another favorite, Cream (or Creme) Soda, which I insisted on calling "wild onion" for some reason.

While I don't remember much about this era, there are a few snippets of events, but mostly I've heard the stories so many times that they now seem like memories. Perhaps most famous is the time I took all of the old newspapers in our garage, rolled them up somehow (or folded), loaded them into my wagon, and delivered them around the neighborhood. "Used?" you say. Yeah - what did I know! I was three and just being a paperboy. Of this one I actually think I may have a vague recollection.

What is clearer to me is that I had a wonderful childhood and that on occasion I was quite a handful.